Bryan on the Issues

Transforming Maine's Economy

We must work to bring well-paying jobs to Maine, building a new economy that will sustain our future and allow us to compete with the rest of New England and beyond. Investing in higher education, worker retraining programs and our transportation infrastructure is a critical component to economic vitality.


I support our local public schools and will do everything possible to fight for our fair share of state education aid. I do not support so called "school choice" that diverts taxpayer dollars away from our public schools. I have a strong record in the Maine House of supporting public schools and teachers and voting against school choice, charter schools and attacks on our teachers and their retirement plans. Investing in our University and community college systems must also be a priority to open the doors to higher education for more Maine kids and returning students.

Environmental protection

I believe we need to do everything possible to protect Maine's natural landscape, air and water quality. Investing in renewable sources of energy to reduce the usage of fossil fuels will be critical to a sustainable future. I have been a proponent of the Land for Maine's Future program for open space conservation as well as the Informed Growth Act to limit commercial sprawl.

Women's Choice

I am pro-choice and my record of service in the Maine House reflects that I have always stood for full women's reproductive freedom.


Health care reform that guarantees access for everyone is long overdue. I support efforts to move us to a universal single payer health care system. I have opposed Governor LePage's cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services, including prescription drug programs for the elderly.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence remains one of Maine's largest social ills. A majority of Maine's homicides each year are attributable to domestic violence. I have supported legislation for enhanced penalties and greater awareness of this very troubling and often deadly issue.

Social Justice

I support Marriage equality for all Maine couples and families. I was proud to be a co-sponsor of the original 2009 bill in the legislature for equal rights to marriage.